A maximum fire escape service provides you some instructions about counterweighted emergency fire stairs.

Did you know that 60% of counterweighted ladders are not functional? On our average fire escape field inspection, 1 out of every 2 counterweighted ladders we encounter is not even operational. This is usually due to a combination of issues dealing with lack of fire escape maintenance, specifically from the moving parts of cables, guides and pulleys not being properly lubricated or overly painted over many years without use. To avoid these issues, all ladders should be tracked up and down annually as part of your routine maintenance. Remember, during an emergency, even if you can get to a fire escape, if the ladder does not work, it will be impossible to safely egress from the building. This is a major concern for our company and a primary reason why all our full repair work will include complete rehabilitation of existing counterweighted ladders. Counterweights themselves can also begin to substantially deteriorate and pose a serious hazard to objects or persons walking by. For this reason, Maximum Fire Escapes takes special measures to ensure all cables are fully tracked, lubricated, and operational.

Counterweights are cleaned of all rust jacking and delaminated steel, sealed from moisture, and maintained routinely.

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