Meet Our Team

Max Zeldich
Max is the CEO of Maximum Fire Escapes. Skilled in Steel Structures, Project Estimation, all forms of Welding, and Metal Fabrication specializing in steel stair and fire escape construction. He is a Certified welder and Journeyman Ironworker that built a successful fire escape construction and rehabilitation business that serves the North Eastern United States.

Tome Correia - Operations Manager
Tome Correia is our Operations Manager. Tome has unique experiences in both the manufacturing and construction industries that have given him the ability to coordinate projects effectively, instill strong morale and incentive amongst our workforce, and deliver an incredible level of quality work on the field. Strength: Simplifying even the most complex projects to yield effective and quality results. Tome is an alumnus of Boston College and Seton Hall University.
Pelin Berkman - Office Manager
Pelin Berkman - Office Manager

Although Pelin majored in almost every subject in college, she ultimately graduated with a degree in Culinary Arts. While she enjoyed being a professional cook, she realized she could be more valuable administratively. After all, as a pre-teen she was working the cash register at her parent’s fruit market and through high school, kept the books for her family’s trucking company. Regardless of the industry, one constant variable was her gravitating towards financial organization and accountability.Ultimately, her professional journey has led her to Maximum Fire Escapes where she is able to apply her acquired knowledge and gained experience, thriving both personally and professionally.

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