Meet Our Team

Max Zeldich
Max is the CEO of Maximum Fire Escapes. Skilled in Steel Structures, Project Estimation, all forms of Welding, and Metal Fabrication specializing in steel stair and fire escape construction. He is a Certified welder and Journeyman Ironworker that built a successful fire escape construction and rehabilitation business that serves the North Eastern United States.

Tome Correia - Operations Manager
Tome Correia is our Operations Manager.
Tome has unique experiences in both the manufacturing and construction industries that have given him the ability to coordinate projects effectively, instill strong morale and incentive amongst our workforce, and deliver an incredible level of quality work on the field.
Strength: Simplifying even the most complex projects to yield effective and quality results.
Tome is an alumnus of Boston College and Seton Hall University.
Pelin Berkman - Office Manager
Pelin Berkman - Office Manager
Office manager/Financial Controller  Maximum Fire escape

Delivering outstanding customer service has always been an essential part of a day’s work for Pelin. As an office Manager, she is responsible for all office procedures, and uses her organizational skills to ensure smooth operations in a busy work environment; she helps in giving vital financial information with an eye on future activities. While the normal duties of an accountant are to present historical information constantly, the duties of Pelin are to expect and mark out coming issues. As a financial controller she helps to structure cost regulation and rationalize capital decisions by blending the firm’s present strength with the market actuality. The main idea is to appreciate financial goals and make them attainable. Pelin regularly finds herself drawing on her entrepreneurial skills and her education in business and accounting. According to Pelin, Maximum fire escape is such a unique company as the team has worked together for a long time, shares a common vision for excellence, and has never grown too big to not know each client personally. The number of repeat clients, Pelin says, speaks volumes about the loyalty and trust Maximum fire escape has.

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