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No matter what services your fire escape needs, we can help.

No matter what services your fire escape needs, we can help.

Fire escape inspection, certification, construction, and more. We are the fire escape experts. No matter what your fire escape needs, we can handle it.



Our highly trained technicians will conduct a multi-point fire escape inspection covering every component of your current fire escape system. Specifically, they'll be looking for any rust, damage, or wear and tear. Our thorough fire escape inspection will ensure your fire escape system is safe at every point including all ladder support brackets, pulleys, and cables.


Once we've completed your fire escape inspection, we'll be able to recommend the repairs needed to ensure the saefty of your fire escape system. We only employ AWS certified welders. Our team is not only skilled at common repairs, but we are also adept at complex repairs. Any issue your fire escape inspection uncovers, we can fix. We will endeavor to maintain as much as the original structure as possible, but any parts that are beyond repair will be cut out and replaced.


Following your fire escape inspection and once we've completed any of the repairs your fire escape needs, we'll paint and scrape. Our paint and scrape service ensures your fire escape system meets all fire codes. We start with Electrabrush removal of all loose paint. We'll apply silicone to all structural connections to prevent water expansion damage and rust. We'll also reinforce connections to the building to prevent water from seeping into the walls.


Do you need a newly built fire escape sytem? Our in-house engineer will design a system that complies with all national and local construction codes. We will produce shop drawings with the engineer seal needed for permits. All of our fire escape systems are produced in-house and are installed by our team of technicians that specialize in fire escape new construction.


Fire escape certification is an integral part of the fire escape inspection and repair process. At Maximum Fire Escapes, all fire escape certification is performed by a licensed professional engineer. All of our systems are certified for the maximum time allowable by law, five years. We will work directly with your local fire marshal and building inspector to ensure your system meets all local and national codes.


We stand by the work we perform and the materials we use. That's why we offer a 25 year warranty on the workmanship and materials.

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