Why Existing Structural Connections need to be reinforced by Welding.

Over the years water gets into all structural connections and during the winter, freezes over. Due to this, the steel begins to rust jack and severely delaminate. When connections are compromised due to rust jacking, the fire escapes become prone to structural damage or disrepair, and are not whatsoever safe for egress. Fire escapes need to repair regularly. To resolve this issue, Maximum Fire Escapes removes and cleans out the entire system of rust jacking while also scraping off all old paint. We provide the best fire escape service near you. Our technicians perform structural welds along all treads, handrail connections, perimeter angles, and platforms to bypass original bolt construction. Besides, we reinforce structural attachments and connections to prevent moisture accumulation, which in the long term will inhibit further deterioration of the steel and preserve your fire escape staircase.

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